I was born in Barcelona.

I Don´t Remember That.

I remember the color of my room
I shared with my brother Uri.
He was always better at building blanket forts.

I questioned, WHY?

I was a student in Barcelona.
They asked me what I wanted to study in college.

I wanted to break out into the world

and question myself through life experiences.

Lived in London. Traveled to Thailand, Tunez, India, Morocco.
Did rock & ice climbing. Joined a racing sailing team.

I remember a lot of colors.

Assisted fashion photographers.
Interned in a production house until I became a Line Producer.
Took night classes at

The Photography
Institute of Barcelona,

I was back on my old stomping grounds.

I had fun.

Produced 5 short films. Directed 2 of them.
Prizes in national and international festivals came.
Got a nomination for the Spanish Academy Awards.
I remember being nervous.
I was hired in Albiñana Films as a director.

I remember being happy.

Worked with virtually every multi-national agency
represented in Spain.
I was lucky. I was thankful. And I was 24.
But something was missing.

My brother was always better at building blanket forts.

We made Garage Films. And we had fun.
I worked for brands such as Nike, Ford, Ikea, Volkswagen,
McDonald’s, Nissan, Siemens, X-box, and Honda.

I was lucky, again.

Garage Films would go on to win “Best Production House” for both 2009 and 2010.
I Travelled to shoots in China, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Rumania, Norway, England, Brasil…
Went back to Thailand, Morocco, India…
I remember .

the colors felt different.

I went to live in NYC.

We brought other directors into Garage Films to join in our fun.

We were contagious.

Now I live in L.A.
But I was born in Barcelona