I was born in Barcelona.

I Don´t Remember That.

I remember the color of my room
I shared with my brother Uri.
He was always better at building blanket forts.

I questioned, WHY?

I was a student in Barcelona.
They asked me what I wanted to study in college.

I wanted to break out into the world

and question myself through life experiences.

Lived in London. Traveled to Thailand, Tunez, India, Morocco.
Did rock & ice climbing. Joined a racing sailing team.

I remember a lot of colors.

Assisted fashion photographers.
Interned in a production house until I became a Line Producer.
Took night classes at

The Photography
Institute of Barcelona,

I was back on my old stomping grounds.

I had fun.

Produced 5 short films. Directed 2 of them.
Prizes in national and international festivals came.
Got a nomination for the Spanish Academy Awards.
I remember being nervous.
I was hired in Albiñana Films as a director.

I remember being happy.

Worked with virtually every multi-national agency
represented in Spain.
I was lucky. I was thankful. And I was 24.
But something was missing.

My brother was always better at building blanket forts.

We made Garage Films. And we had fun.
I worked for brands such as Nike, Ford, Ikea, Volkswagen,
McDonald’s, Nissan, Siemens, X-box, and Honda.

I was lucky, again.

Garage Films would go on to win “Best Production House” for both 2009 and 2010.
I Travelled to shoots in China, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Rumania, Norway, England, Brasil…
Went back to Thailand, Morocco, India…
I remember .

the colors felt different.

I went to live in NYC.

We brought other directors into Garage Films to join in our fun.

We Were contagious.

Fake Studios came later on
we flipped out this time creating colors.
And we are all enjoying with tv shows and movies.
Now I live in L.A.
But I was born in Barcelona.